AMI Probashi Apps Download Registration Online

Ami Probashi is a mobile app and web portal that helps Bangladeshi people who want to work out site of Bangladeshi. It allows you to register in the search for jobs, book Pre-departure Orientation sessions, apply to BMET training courses, and communicate with authentic recruitment agencies. You can also access other services and information related to overseas employment through the probashi/com.thane.amiprobashi/ .The app is developed by Ami Probashi Limited and is approved by the Government of Bangladesh. It aims to make the migration process easier, cheaper, and more transparent for the users.

AMI Probashi Apps Download

The ‘Ami Probashi’ app was launched on May 8 to simplify and digitize services related to foreign employment. This android-based app is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare, Manpower, Employment and Training Bureau and Thein Systems.

BMET registration, passport validation, priority covid vaccination registration and many more features are available in this app. Besides, the digital platform has also reduced the complexity and cost of finding job opportunities abroad. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can register in the app at home and avail all the benefits.

How to Download AMI Probashi APK

You can go to Google Play Store and search for Ami Probashi. Then, tap on the app and select Install. Follow the steps on the screen to complete the installation. You can also download the Apk file from a third-party website like or However, this is not recommended by Google Play as it may harm your phone.

The app makes online passport verification process very easy through automated channels. Registration can be done by attending the DEMO center only on working days during office hours. On the other hand, users can complete registration 24/7, including weekends and public holidays, by using the off-peak hour link capability of the passport verification channel through Amipravasi.

Through the app, Bangladeshis who want to work abroad can know the entire process step by step from the very beginning to reaching the destination. It offers many services including applying for jobs, finding jobs, connecting with government approved agents, getting airport assistance, finding authorized medical centers, nearby passport offices and DEMO offices.

Amipravasi’s main partners include ministries, government agencies such as BMET, BOEOSL, recruitment agencies and foreign employers. The platform provides these partners with information about potential expatriate workers and their skills and preferences. These workers can be contacted anytime for any possible job opportunities.

The app has a client base of aspiring expats from around the world, from Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, to Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, which help recruiting firms qualify for their jobs through an appointment tracker. Helps in finding candidates.

Amipravasi is taking initiative to work to double the flow of foreign remittances coming through legitimate channels. For this it is necessary to arrange remuneration exchange between different countries. In this, through the My Information feature of Amipravasi, everyone will get the necessary information and the cost of immigration will also come down a lot. It has automated APIs to verify the identity of buyers with valid passports, making it easy to access value-added services such as mobile financial services and remittances in the future.