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96th Banking Diploma Business Communication in Financial Institutions Suggestion 2024

 Theory and Process of Communication

What are the Meaning and Nature of Communication?”

Discuss the Model of Communication Process.”

What do you mean by business communication? June 20; Dec 15, Dec 10, BDE-94th Elaborately discuss the importance of Business Communications. June 20, Dec 13***

. In which ways Business Communications differ from Personal Communications? Dec 19, 13***. Describe the Principles of (Effective) Business Communication.

le B: Classification and Methods of Communication

Discuss the major types of business communication in business. Dec 10

What do you mean by mass communication?**

What are the different kinds of mass communication in written form? June 19; Dec 17; BDE-93***

. Discuss in details the different modes of business communication. June 20; Dec 15; BDE-94***

Write down the merits and demerits of oral and written communication. June 19,16; Dec 14, BDE-93***

  1. Discuss the point of differences between mass-communication and bilateral communication. Dec-15*
  2. What are the differences between formal communication and informal communication?**

ale C: Fundamentals of Business Writing

– What is a Business Letter? (Definition).

– What are the contents of business letter? Dec 18*

  1. (g) Definition of Persuasive Letter
  2. What is the importance of persuasive letters?”
  3. What are the important/Salient features of a good persuasive letter? Dec 13; June 20, 11, BDE-93***

. Write a persuasive letter to a prospective customer of your bank, requesting him to avail the ‘Deposit

on Scheme’ of your bank. June 20; Dec 13; June 11, BDE-93***

  1. As a branch manager write a persuasive letter to your higher authority giving relevant reasons why you

o get your branch shifted to a new suitable location. June 18, BDE-93***

  1. Why is a suitable location for a bank very important for business? June 18*
  2. What are the factors to be considered opening a new bank branch? Nov-19, 17***
  3. Write a letter from the manager of a bank to his head office urging the opening of a new branch in hboring small town with an increasing population. Dec 14; June 11***
  4. What is automated clearing system? BDE-93th**
  5. Discuss the necessity of security while sanctioning a bank loan. Dec 19; BDE-92th***
  6. (h) Regret letters/rejection letter; Dec-15*
  7. Write a letter to a customer regretting the Bank’s inability to grant an overdraft owing to insufficiency ty. June 11
  8. What do you understand by frozen account? Dec 18; BDE-94th***
  9. Write a letter to a client of your bank branch informing him why his account has been frozen and wha ments are required to reactivate it. BDE-94**
  10. What do you understand by ATM booth? BDE-92, June 18**
  11. (n) What do you understand by minutes? Dec 18
  12. What do you know about Human Resources Department? BDE-92*
  13. What do you know about AGM? June 18; BDE-92th,94***
  14. Describe elaborately the importance, purposes and merits of AGM of a bank. June 18; 92th,94th
  15. (0) Legal notice and show cause notice. June-18, BDE-93th, BDE-94***

ule D: Fundamentals of Business Letters and Report Writing

What is Business Report? June 20, 18; BDE-94***

Discuss some of the important characteristics of a Business Report. June 18; BDE-94

What are the purposes of preparing a business report? June 18, 16***

What is annual report of a bank? What messages are there in the annual report of a commercial bank that

n to its customers and investors? June 19

What is the foreign exchange department of a bank and what are its main functions”? June 18; BDE-



Prepare an objective report regarding the performance of the foreign exchange department of your bank, suggesting for improvement. Dec 14, 13; June 12, BDE 93th***……


What do you mean by ‘feasibility report’ of a project? What points should be taken into consideration for a report more acceptable? Dec 19, June 14***

Prepare a feasibility report supporting a loan application for Tk. 2 cores on a fishery and poultry project ng over 3 acres of land. Dec 12**


de E: Fundamentals of Presentations and Electronic Media & Module F: Standard and cal Aspects of Communication

Discuss the different forms of computer based business communication. What are the advantages of such unications? Dec 19*

What considerations are to follow at the time of writing a business e-mail? Dec 18*.

Give a detailed idea about the oral presentation of business report. June 14, 11; Dec 13, 10***

What is Graphical Representation? Dec-19**

What are the different kinds of graphic presentation in business report? June 19, 17; Dec 15****

Discuss the necessity of graphic aids in business communication. June-19,17, Dec-15, BDE-93th***… What is public speaking skills? Why public speaking skills are important for a Banker?**

What is the role of body language in public speaking?

What is group discussion? What are the importance of group discussion in Business?** 2 Discuss the rules of conducting a meeting.”


-. What is mobile banking? Dec 18; BDE-92th,94th***

– Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile banking. BDE-92, Dec 18***

  1. What is meant by money laundering? BDE-94th*
  2. Discuss the causes of Money Laundering. (How is Money Laundering done?) BDE-94th B. What do you understand by manners and etiquette? BDE-93th*
  3. What is bad loan? BDE-94th
  4. Describe the procedures of recovering a bad loan. BDE-94th**
  5. Write down the differences between Debit Cards and Credit Cards? Dec-13; June-18*** 16. Distinguish between an MICR cheque and an ordinary cheque. June-18; BDE-94***

ort Note (Not covered by broad questions of the modules)

-1. Bank Solvency Certificate. June-20,17; Dec-18; BDE-93*

-2. Annual Confidential Report. June-20***

-3. L/C as Business Communication. June-20″

-4. Agenda for meeting. Dec-19**

-5. Agreement and Contract. June-19,18,16; BDE-94***

4-6. Agent Banking. June-19**

-7. Foreign Currency Account. June-19.17, BDE-93**

N-8. Loan Sanction Letter. June-19; Dec-18,17***

N-9. KYC (Know Your Customer). Dec-18, June-17***

N-10. Penal interest [Dec-18,17, BDE-93] and Single-digit interest rate. [BDE-92, Dec-19]; 94** N-11. “Thank you” letter to a depositor./ Letter of appreciation. Dec-17,15; June-17**

IN-17. Board meeting, June-14; Dec-12″

N-19. Home appliance loan and corporate loan. June-2020; (Difference) BDE-94th***

N-20. Working Paper of a Meeting. BDE-92, June-19***

N-25. Directness in writing routine letters. June-15″.

N-27. E-cash; Dec-14, BDE-93th***

N-29. Campaign for deposits. BDE-92th, Dec-13***

EN-30. Zoom Meeting and Video Conference [Dec-16,14]. BDE-92th:94** SN-31. Wage Earner Scheme. BDE-93th

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