4th Week Class 6 Science Assignment Answer 2021

4th Week Class 6 Science Assignment Answer 2021. Are you an examiner in class six? Are you searing class 6 Science assignment  Answer 2021? You now visit the right website. Because we were given day by day all Subject Assignment Answer of Class 6. Not only Class SIX But also given all class Assignment answers by this website. Now we give Class six Math Assignment answers. Many Students want to know how to download the Class 6 Science Assignment Answer. Hope you did not get your question answer.

4th Week Class 6 Science Assignment Answer 2021

This year On November  4th Week  Assignment Task Has been Published by The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Authority. For some Of the Students, Science is the hardest subject for other subjects. As a result, we try to 100% the right answer to this subject question answer. Hope students can be easily downloaded thir necessary question solution.

 Class 6 Science Assignment Answer 2021

তোমার পড়ার টেবিলের দৈর্ঘ্য, প্রস্থ ও উচ্চতা একটি স্কেলের সাহায্যে পরিমাপ করে খাতায় লিখ।

১। পড়ার টেবিলের পৃষ্টের ক্ষেত্রফল নির্ণয় কর।
২। এটি ঘরের কতটুকু জায়গা (আয়তন) দখল করেছে তা বের কর।
৩। পড়ার টেবিল যে আয়তনের জায়গা দখন করে সে আয়তনে একটি পাত্র কত লিটার পানি ধরবে তা যোক্তিক কারনসহ ব্যাখ্যা কর।

Science is one of the seven subjects of Class 6 and it is a common subject for all students. It is the base for the future and so candidates need to concentrate more on this subject. It is difficult for the candidates to crack the exam and score good marks without proper preparation. However, the Class 6 Science Assignment answer 2021 will help you in the preparation by giving the model questions, question pattern, and complete overview of the paper. This will help the candidates get prepared for the exam confidently and appear for the exam to get a good score. So, go ahead and get to know those suggestions available here.

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