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First flying Bike Release date, Price, Specs and Features

A Japanese start-up company has created the world’s first flying bike. Its name is Exteresmo Hoverbike. This bike can fly in the sky for 40 minutes. This hoverbike has the ability to go at a speed of up to 62 miles per hour.

The bike has been developed by Japanese startup Erwins. It is already on sale in Japan. A smaller version is planned to go on sale in the US market in 2024. It is currently on display at an auto show in Detroit. Its estimated value is 7 lakh 70 thousand dollars. However, it is also planning to bring another small hoverbike at the price of 50 thousand dollars.

First flying Bike Release

“I feel like I’m literally 15 years old and I just stepped out of Star Wars and jumped on their bike,” said the vice president of Detroit Auto. I mean, it’s awesome! You know, it was exciting. It can take off and land really comfortably. So, there is no jerk here. It’s literally very, very smooth and I can’t wait for the future. I am very excited.’

Hoverbikes are vehicles designed to fly without the need for a runway. This type of bike was first conceptualized in science fiction classics like Star Wars. In Japan, the Exteresmo is not considered an airplane. This means owners will not need any special license to fly it. Source: Reuters.

the first flying bike has been officially unveiled and pre-orders have started. Two new
standard models are set to be released: the first flying bike model.

Upgrades to the new flying bike line come in the form of major camera enhancements for high, satellite calling connectivity, crash detection, and what Japan is claiming to be the ‘best iPhone battery life ever.

The Plus signifies the end of the Mini line of bikes, which only lasted for two generations. However, this does hark back to the iPhone 6, which was the first to feature a standard and ‘Plus’ size option. A more accessible OLED-equipped Flying Bike could excite many, especially those looking for a portable device that runs.

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