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GTV Live 2024, often known as Gazi Television is a digital cable television station broadcasting in BD. GTV Live is a popular television channel in Bangladesh that broadcasts live cricket matches. Some sports platforms are quite popular in Bangladesh, and Gazi TV is the most popular channel for live sports, particularly live cricket.

GTV Live T20 World Cup is now available to supply viewers with some popular streams. For athletic events, GTV Live BPL , and GTV LIVE IPL is the preferred choice. Apart from T Sports, GTV is Bangladesh’s top sports channel. Here you can watch the live stream.

GTV Live 2024

Today we share  Live Match. So, to watch GTV live, you must first follow certain instructions, after which you will be able to watch GTV live quite easily. So, here are the actions that you must take: Match Live Now Online. Most importantly, the service provided by GTV Live is very much appreciated.

As a result, GTV Live is becoming increasingly popular among individuals of all ages and professions around the country. Overall, GTV Live is a terrific way for folks with hectic schedules to view a variety of shows.

How to bpl Cup live

Enjoy BPLnow online. You know GAZI Tv live now World. Some Online platform telecast ICC World cup Live. we share this post and you can enjoy worldcup. Below we given world cup live streaming.

 বিশ্বকাপ দেখুন এখন অনলাইনে

GTV Live 2024

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: In the search field, type GTVApk.

Step 3: As seen in the screenshot, click on install GTV live sports apk.

Step 4: After that, your smartphone will open the Apk.

Step 5: Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the Accept button.

Step 6: You’re done! You’re all set to watch the most recent cricket match via live streaming.

LIVE Broadcasting Right

  • In 2014, GTV Live paid 1.56 billion (US$18 million) to BCB for six-year television broadcasting rights(from 2014 to 2020). It also obtained broadcasting rights to BPL from BCB in 2016.
  • The International Cricket Council recently announced Gazi Tv and Rabbitholebd as official broadcast partners (ICC). On Gazi Tv Live, you can watch all of your favorite sports. The most anticipated forthcoming event is the “Bangladesh tour of Afganasthan 2024.”
  • GTV began broadcasting in 2013 and has since been a popular source of entertainment for Bangladeshi viewers. It also aired live coverage of the 2016 Bangladesh Premier League. So that you may watch the 2020 BPL season on GTV live. Nonetheless, online cricket enthusiasts who are far away from home should tune in to Ghazi TV to watch live cricket streaming in Bangladesh.
  • Because it bought the legal rights to broadcast live streaming, Gazi TV’s official YouTube channel will broadcast all cricket matches telecast on its program live. In general, Gazi Tv broadcasts the Bangladesh cricket team’s games, whether they be international, T20, test, or one-day internationals.
  • What services does GTV Live provide?
  • This channel provides us with a wide range of programming, including news, movies, discussion shows, sports, and more.

GTV Live provides the best possibility to watch live programs and cricket matches online. As a result, cricket fans may watch the live streaming from wherever they are. They’ll need access to the internet via a desktop or mobile device.

  • On Gazi TV and its website, you can watch BPL Live 2024 and all other BCB cricket matches.
  • This channel offers a well-known streaming service with 0% downtime to its customers. These services are primarily focused on Sports and Live Cricket Streaming, which customers may enjoy in front of the television with popcorn and juice.
  • GTV is a website as well as an app. The GTV Live app has over 5 million downloads, making it a truly remarkable platform that foreshadows the future of live television on mobile devices.

 Popular Features of GTV Live 2024

GTV Live Sports Apk has a number of different functions, but some of them are really useful. As we all know, the ability to watch live cricket and football matches makes it extremely convenient and popular. However, there are some additional characteristics that you should be aware of.

GTV Live Sports UI & UX Design

Because of the one-click feature, you will see four main menu options and one sidebar on the left side of the apk every time you open it. Each meal has its own distinguishing characteristics.

Dashboard for GTV Ratings

This tool offers a very useful feature called a Score dashboard, which allows you to see every score of a live cricket match with only one click of your hand, without having to enter into your account. This feature also displays completed news and forthcoming events.

Football Mode on GTV

This feature allows football fans to devote their attention to this app. This mode allows football fans to watch their games and check the scores with a single click of their Android phone.

Radio Mode on GTV

This feature allows you to browse all Bangladeshi radio stations on your Android device. Dhaka FM, Peoples Radio, Radio Bhumi, Radio Foorti, Radio Shadhin, and others are the main types of radio stations available.

GTV live streaming

For their outstanding work, Gazi TV has captured the attention of practically the whole Bangladeshi population. Gazi TV is one of the well-known stations that has partnered with the Bangladesh Cricket Board as an official partner (BCB). All BCB live sports matches are broadcast in HD resolution on this channel.

They follow all tournaments and premier leagues in various states, not just cricket. You will be able to view the event live in a variety of ways. As you can watch live on a variety of websites, YouTube, and even mobile apps. As a result, there’s no way you’ll miss any live broadcasts of your favorite shows or sports.

GTV live 2024 cricket

If you are a die-hard cricket fan who does not want to miss any of the game’s actions, GTV live 2024 is the best option. In BD, there are other sports channels. GTV, on the other hand, has risen to the top. It broadcasts every single live cricket match from the to the BCL for free.

GTV live servers

Gazi TV Live Server is a TV server that allows you to watch all of the live streaming that is available on this channel. There are several sorts of servers that can be used to access all of the live streams from this channel.

B-RAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) is one of them. You may easily access all live content on your computer or through mobile apps using this server. If you have any problems, you can try Bdix Live TV Server, Bdip, or Ebox Live TV Server as an alternative. However, before watching live on such servers, make sure it’s connected to your ISP. Because you can only watch live in HD if the server is connected to an ISP.

T20 World Cup on GTV Live

After a five-year wait, the 7th edition of the ICC T20 World Cup has begun to provide entertaining appearances to all cricket fans. Each match grows more appealing. On multiple platforms, GTV broadcasts all live T20 world cup matches (online, apps, youtube). As previously stated, Gazi TV has been named the official partner of the T20 World Cup and will be broadcasting the entire competition. As a result, it is acquiring a lot of traction.

Watch GTV Live On Youtube

Using the Youtube app to watch live television has never been easier or more convenient. To watch any program from GTV live, simply go to the YouTube app. Every hour, the channel broadcasts sports news and updates in Bengali and English. You can watch any cricket match if it falls under this channel’s broadcasting rights. Apart from that, if you see or hear an important event taken on, you can watch it live on GTV.


On June 12, 2012, Gazi Tv was launched for the first time. Gazi TV, often known as GTV Live Sports, is one of Bangladesh’s most popular television programs. This channel is owned by the Gazi Group. This channel was given a name based on its company. Furthermore, Golam Dastagir Gazi owns the Gazi Group, which is one of Bangladesh’s most important and renowned corporate enterprises. Golam Dastagir Gazi is also a current minister and member of Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League.

About GTV Live

News, movies, dramas, chat shows, sports like cricket, and other programs are available on the channel. It is broadcast from the Segun Bagicha studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The channel began broadcasting in Bangladesh on June 12, 2012. By airing live cricket events, GTV Live has become Bangladesh’s most popular television channel. This is due to the growing popularity of live streaming all international Bangladesh Tigers cricket matches, as well as other local sports.

GTV is one of Bangladesh’s most well-known satellite television stations. It is also known as Gazi Television in other parts of the world. This channel has become well-known for live sports, particularly cricket. Their services are primarily centered on sports, with Live Cricket TV being the most popular.

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