How to buy Advance Train Tickets Online

The advance sale of train tickets has started from Sunday today in view of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. Train tickets will not be sold at any counter during Eid Yatra; All tickets are available online only.

Regional seats will be sold in two sessions to reduce online pressure. The sale of seats in the western region will start from 8 am. And the sale of seats in the eastern region will start at 2 pm.

Passengers can easily book these seats from the railway website. In that case, one time registration will be done on the website of the railways. Those who have already registered can collect seats by just logging in.

ঈদের যাত্রার টিকিট পাওয়া যাবে যেদিন

আগামী ১৭ জুনকে পবিত্র ঈদুল আজহার দিন ধরে ট্রেনের আসন অগ্রিম বিক্রি বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে। সেই হিসাবে আন্তঃনগর ট্রেনের ১২ জুনের আসন বিক্রি হচ্ছে আজ (২ জুন) থেকে; ১৩ জুনের আসন বিক্রি হবে ৩ জুন; ১৪ জুনের আসন বিক্রি হবে ৪ জুন; ১৫ জুনের আসন বিক্রি হবে ৫ জুন এবং ১৬ জুনের আসন বিক্রি হবে ৬ জুন।

How to buy Advance Train Tickets Online

First you have to enter Bangladesh Railway website ( Then click on the ‘Registration’ tab at the top of the website. A new page will appear for registration. On this page click on ‘I am not a robot’ box with mobile number, National ID number and date of birth. Then click on verify button. Then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number. If all the information is correct, the registration will be successful and a new page named Bangladesh Railway will appear. Here the user will be auto logged in.

How to buy Train Tickets Online

First you have to enter the website of Bangladesh Railway. If there is no auto login, fill in the email and password in the panel and click on the login button. On the page that will appear after login, fill the desired travel date, starting station, destination station, class and click on find ticket button. The next page will show the train name, seat availability and train departure time.

According to the train, click on the view seats button and select the seat of your choice, subject to availability of seats and click on continue purchase. An e-ticket will be automatically downloaded if you pay by Visa, MasterCard or Bikash. Along with this, a copy of the ticket will be sent to the e-mail of the passenger. By printing the ticket from the e-mail inbox, the printed ticket can be collected before the journey from the respective source station with the ticket print information provided by the e-ticket along with the photo ID.

Tickets for the Eid journey will be available on the day

Bangladesh Railways advance sale of train seats on the holy day of Eid-ul-Azha on June 17. Accordingly, the June 12 intercity train seats are on sale from today (June 2); June 13 seats will go on sale on June 3; June 14 seats will be sold on June 4; June 15 seats will be sold on June 5 and June 16 seats will be sold on June 6.