How to Travel Bhutan at Low Cost By Bus

Now we are given a beautiful Country Travel Review by this post. Who wants to travel to Bhutan Thous people can be info by this page. Many Persone wants to know How to travel to Bhutan at a low cost. Now we gave that information by this post.

Bhutan is a land of beauty. The happiest country in the world. For this reason, tourists flock to Bhutan. There is no pollution in this country. Bhutan is one of the carbon-negative countries. Most tourists choose Bhutan when traveling outside the country.

Since Bangladeshis do not need a visa to go to Bhutan; So many tourists visit Bhutan every year. The best news is that if you have a transit visa, you can travel from Bhutan at a low cost.

Bhutan is a tidy and clean country. The country attracts tourists with its dazzling beauty. If you want to visit Bhutan by road, you will need a transit visa. Transit visa can be obtained from Jamuna Future Park Indian Visa Application Center.

You can visit Paro, Punakha and Thimphu. The population in Bhutan is very small. Only 6 lakh. When you visit this country, you will be amazed at the traditions, customs and dress of the people there. The food there is also delicious

When the immigration office opens at 9 am, you will be able to enter India after completing all the work related to immigration. When the necessary work on the two borders is completed, you get on the specific bus.

This time you have to get off at Mainaguri and get on another bus from India to Bhutan. The rent will be 30 rupees per person. To get closer to the Bhutan-India border, you have to get on a safari.

Then you have to get in the car with the rent of 8 rupees. The auto will drop you off at the Jaigaon Indian Immigration Office. You can enter Bhutan by putting an exit seal at the immigration office. Remember, no misinformation can be given.

How to Travel to Bhutan at Low Cost

Places to visit

You can cross the Bhutan-India border without any hassle. After the immigration process, you can go straight to Bhutan. Thimphu, Paru, Pokhara and Punakha are worth visiting. If you get a permit to travel from Thimphu to Punakha on the first day, you will not waste any time later.

Travel the next day for re-eating. If you leave at 10 in the morning, you will reach in 2-3 hours. On the way you will see Duchala, Punakha Jung and Suspension Bridge. It is better to return to Thimphu at night after a long day. There is no better hotel to stay in Pune.

On the third day, go out to visit the dream city Paro. You will find all Indian food at Hotel Dragon. Paro is the most beautiful city in Bhutan. The city has the only international airport in Bhutan.

On the fourth day you can come back from Tiger Nest / Thaksin. Tiger Nest is an important religious and tourist destination in Bhutan. You have to walk 3000 feet there. It may take about 3 and a half hours to get up. It takes more than 1 hour to get off.

The best time to visit Bhutan is September-November. Because it doesn’t rain at this time, the sky is clear, the weather is nice and it doesn’t get too cold. Roads and ghats in Bhutan are closed in winter due to snow.

Those who want to enjoy the snow or see the snowfall can also come back in the winter. However, it is better not to go in the rainy season. Because there is a lot of rain in the rainy season. However, September-November is the peak season in Bhutan, so everything is more expensive.

Your cost per person will be 17-18 thousand rupees (excluding guide fee). It is good to remember that due to lack of time, you may not be able to visit interesting places like Haveli and Bumthang.

Haveli, Bumthang tour will increase the cost a bit. Excluding taxis on everything and traveling on a public bus will cost less but will take more time.

Documents that must be kept with-

> Keep a few photocopies of passport with Indian visa, and passport size photo.
>> Two or three photocopies of National ID card.
>> If you are an employee, NOC and if you are a student, one or two photocopies of ID card.
>> There are a lot of public holidays in Bhutan, so it is better to plan a trip by looking at the list of public holidays.
>> You will not see any mosque or Muslim restaurant anywhere in Bhutan. Bhutanese rice, pulses, vegetables are very interesting. Even then, if you feel the need, you can take some pickles, sauces, biscuits from Bangladesh.
>> It would be wise to take the necessary medicines with you.