HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion Question Patterns 2024

In this post about HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2024. By this post, you can download the HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion and Question. You already know that the government of Bangladesh will evaluate all the students to get to the next class through this assignment. As a result, some of the students are worried about this exam. We will say that if students try hard and do not get frustrated, everyone will be able to get good results. The directorate of secondary and higher secondary DSHE authority has already published the HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2024. We have already discussed here the English subject questions for the fourth week of class nine.

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2024

HSC question & solution 2024. Now HSC English 1st paper answer 2024  is available on our website. If you are a 2024 HSC examinee and looking for English assignment answers then you are at the right place. Through this page, you will find the HSC English solution in PDF. Let’s know in more detail.

 HSC English 1st Paper Question 2024

Dear students, now we have given here the HSC English Answer 2024 pdf. Now we are given by this Post 13th week who wants to download the correct answer English answer this post for you. We have given all questions and answers. We know those who study in Bengali version Many of those students have a fear of English. As a result, they become inattentive to English subjects. Those who could not write the correct solution of the fourth week English subject on their own. This post will work for them at least a little bit.

Improving your English skills can be a rewarding and valuable endeavor. Here are some tips to help you enhance your English proficiency:

  1. Read Regularly: Reading books, newspapers, magazines, and online articles in English exposes you to a variety of vocabulary and writing styles. Choose materials that interest you, and gradually work your way up to more challenging texts.
  2. Expand Your Vocabulary: Learn new words every day. You can use apps, flashcards, or vocabulary books. Try to use these words in your writing and conversation to reinforce your learning.
  3. Practice Writing: Regular writing practice can help you improve your grammar and sentence structure. Start with a journal or a blog, or simply write short essays on topics you’re passionate about. You can also seek feedback from native speakers or language teachers.
  4. Listen Actively: Listen to English audio materials like podcasts, audiobooks, and radio broadcasts. Pay attention to pronunciation, intonation, and different accents. This will also improve your listening comprehension.
  5. Speak Aloud: Speaking is a crucial aspect of language learning. Try to have regular conversations in English, whether with native speakers or fellow learners. If that’s not possible, practice speaking aloud by yourself. This can help improve your fluency and pronunciation.

HSC English 1st Paper Final Suggestion

PART A: READING (60 Marks)

★ Seen Passage

1. Nelson Mandela

2. When You are in the driving seat

3. As a child, you must

4. Universities should never

5. My name is Amerigo

6. One of the sources of water

7. Water water everywhere……

8. Bangladesh is blessed with…

9. Hakaluki Haor is

10. Kuakata was locally known as

11. Migration from Bangladesh

12. British-Bangladeshis

13. In Bangladesh Folk Music

★ Information Transfer / Flow Chart

1. The first peace movement

2. According to some myths

3. Conflict can be described

4. The term Diaspora is used

5. A craftwork is an applied form

6. In Bangladesh Folk Music

★ Summarizing From Passage Or Poem

1. My name is Amerigo…..

2. Universities should never be

3. Beauty is easy to appreciate…but

4. Accessibility to higher education

5. A peace movement is a social movement

6. A craftwork is an applies form of

7. According to some myths

8. declared that the assembly would

★ Rearranging

1. Nelson Mandela

2. Kazi Nazrul Islam

3.Alexander the Great

4. Sheikh Saadi and the Gang of Robbers

5. King Solomon and Queen of Sheba

6. Robinson Crusoe

7. The Richman and The farmer

8. The Fox and the Grapes

9. Nasiruddin Hojja

10. The Death Sentence of Socrates

11. The boyhood of Sher-E-Bangla

12. The simplicity of Einstein

13. King Solomon’s wisdom

14. A Fox without a Tail

15. An English Poet and his friend

16. Hazrat Abdul Quader Zilani

PART B : WRITING (40 Marks)

★ Answering question in a paragraph

1. A Book Fair

2. Human Rights

3. Drug Addiction

4. Price Hike

5. Diaspora

6. Modern Technology

7. Street children

8. Environment Pollution

9. Uses and abuses of Facebook/Mobile Phone/Internet

10. Deforestation

11. Dream and reality

12. Peace and conflict

13. Premature marriage

14. The curse of dowry

15. Child labour

★ Completing a story

1. Sheikh Saadi and his Dress

2. An Honest Woodcutter

3. Who’s to Bell the Cat?

4. A kind Lion and a Grateful Mouse

5. A greedy Farmer

6. Accursed Child Labour (Rina works in a rich man’s house)

7. A Fox without a Tail

8. Nobody believes a Liar

9. A Scholar and a Boatman

10 . A foolish crow and a cunning Fox

11. King Midas and His Golden Touch

12. Money Cannot Bring Happiness

★ Writing Informal Letters / E-mail

Informal Letters :

1. How to improve in English

2. Intend to do after HSC examination

3. An email to your friend inviting him to join a picnic

4. Advising your brother to refrain from smoking

E-mails :

1. About preparation for the HSC exam

2. Consoling for someone’s death

3. Thanking for hospitality

4. Study tour you made

5. A place of historical interest

6. Congratulating on brilliant success

7. Admission information

8. Not to waste time surfing the internet/facebook

9. An email to your friend inviting him to join a picnic

★ Analyzing graphs / charts

1. The internet users

2. Student’s time spending on various activities

3. Choice of profession by different educated people

4. People living below the poverty line

5. Literacy rate in Bangladesh

6. Mobile phone users

7. Average temperature of Bangladesh

8. The number of road accident

★ Theme of the poems

1. The Traffic Police (EFT)

2. Love and friendship

3. Dreams Poems 1. By D.H Lawrence 2. By Langston Hughes

4.The Lake Isle of Innisfree

5. From ‘September 1, 1939

6. I Died For Beauty

7. Under the Greenwood Tree

8. To Daffodils

9. Time, you old Gypsy man

★ Paragraph Writing

1. Climate change

2. An Ideal student

3. Your National Flag

4. Self-employment

5. Eve-teasing

6. Dowry

7. Deforestation

8. Air Pollution

9. A Tea Stall

10. Your College Magazine

11. Your Country

HSC English Assignment

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HSC  English Answer 2024

In the 10th week, assignments of 6 subjects are given for the 2022 HSC candidates. One of the subjects is English. In this post, we will only discuss English assignment solutions.

English is a compulsory subject for all groups of students in class 12. This means that all students have to solve Intermediate English assignment questions and must be submitted to the respective educational institution within the specified time.

There are many students among us who are not able to solve English assignments on their own as they are a little weak in English. So good news for them. You will find 100% accurate English assignment solutions through this post.

We have given below now HSC 13th Week English assignment 2024 questions. So which students need this can be downloaded by this post. We have given the below jpg clear image. English is the most important  Assignment For other subjects So if you want to download your necessary information can be here. We have given all questions correct Solutions on this page. Not only English But Also other subject assignment answers we have given here.

Assigned Tasks: Assignment

We also have given all subject answers you can download those answers day by day. Hope dear students you get your question answer. If need any help with this subject please inform our comment box as soon as we have given your comment answer.

Dear examiner of Class Ten. English is the most important subject in our modern life. So without English, you can,t good result in any board exam. So Prectis practice and precis can be improved your English Skrill.