97th IBB Banking Diploma Routine 2023

The 97th Banking Diploma Examination (JAIBB and DAIBB) of The Institute of Bankers Bangladesh (IBB) will be held on 25th November 2023 at the designated divisional / district headquarters of the country including the Dhaka metropolis. 97th Banking Diploma Examination Notice will be published online. The notification of the 97th Banking Diploma Examination, 2023 is given below

The 97th Banking Diploma Examination of The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)  Last exam held on 25 November, 2nd December, and 09th December 2023 at the examination centers located in the specific divisional / district headquarters of the country including Dhaka metropolis. For all the new and old candidates of the JAIBB and DAIBB episode of the 96th Banking Diploma Examination, the examination fee is one time 1500.00 (one thousand five hundred) BDT.

97th IBB Banking Diploma Routine 2023

The 97th Banking Diploma Examination Form will be accepted online ( or Form Submission Online will start from 26-09-2023 and will continue till 12-10-2023. Applications cannot be made after that date. The manual application will not be accepted under any circumstances. Click here for details on how to complete IBB Banking Diploma online form

Candidates should take special care in choosing the subject while applying for the 94th Banking Diploma Examination. Candidates will participate in the examination on the subject which will be compulsory and optional. In this case, if there is any mistake or if the subject is not attached to the admission form, it has to be corrected by applying to IBB through E-mail before the examination. IBB’s new software does not have the opportunity to take the results of the subject if you take the test in a subject other than the prescribed subject.

Online Form Submission has been uploaded to IBB Website (www. According to the procedure, you have to submit the form online. However, the examination fee can be paid through Online (Sonali Bank Account Transfer, Mobile Banking (bkash, Nagod, Rocket) and Card. In that case, the applicant has to bear the charged charges

Article 22 of IBB’s “Regulations and Syllabus for Banking Diploma Examinations, JAIBB and DAIBB” contains the following provisions regarding participation in DAIBB examinations:

No candidate will be allowed to sit for DAIBB without passing all the subjects of JAIBB Examination. No candidate will also be allowed to sit simultaneously for both JAIBB and DAIBB Examinations.

Available Form to Download:

Banking Diploma Result 

  • Entry Form JAIBB
  • Entry Form DAIBB
  • Instruction for From Fill Up (JAIBB & DAIBB)
  • Certificate Application form for JAIBB and DAIBB
  • Application Form for Academic Transcript JAIBB and DAIBB
  • Application form for Normal Mark Sheet JAIBB and DAIBB
  • Download the Application Form for Old Record JAIBB and DAIBB
  • Application form for Scrutiny JAIBB and DAIBB

According to the above provisions of Regulations and Syllabus, no candidate can participate in DAIBB examination without passing JAIBB. If any candidate fills in the form for passing the DAIBB exam without passing the JAIBB episode, then the form will be canceled outright. No candidate can participate in JAIBB and DAIBB episodes together.

  1. Effective Fees for Examinations – Syllabus 100 / -, Marksheet of one examination 200 / -, Academic Transcript 500 / -, Provisional Certificate 200 / -, Original Certificate 500 / – 300 / – for each subject, old data supply fee 500 / -, duplicate temporary certificate 500 / – (to be paid by DD / pay-order).
  2. Detailed examination rules and syllabus are given in the booklet titled “Regulations and Syllabus for Banking Diploma Examinations, JAIBB, and DAIBB” published by the Institute and on the IBB Website.

There are two parts of the Banking Diploma Examination- Part-I/ JAIBB & Part-II/DAIBB. JAIBB stands for Junior Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh, and DAIBB stands for Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh. JAIBB Examination is designed to provide basic and fundamental knowledge of banking and DAIBB Examination is to provide advanced knowledge in the field of banking and allied matters to enable better decision-making by bankers.

Test Result BD

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