Khulna University (KU) Admission Result 2022

Admission Result of Bangladesh’s most popular university Khulna University Admission result 2022. Students can check their admission results online thoroughly. Who wants to check their admission result can be here. Students seeking admission will very easily get the results of their admission tests. There are many websites for publishing online admission results. One of the most important of these is the publication of the results of the educational test in Bangladesh will be published as KU Admission Test Result 2022. If you want to check the KU Admission result 2022 can be here.

Khulna University (KU) Admission Result 2022

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How to Get Khulna University (KU) Admission Result 2022

The results will be published online. Usually, the results are released within one week after the end of the test. This year the test results will be released. However, there may be a delay of some days depending on the authority. We will publish every update on good results through this website. With the authority of Khulna University releasing the 2022 results online on their website, we will publish the results here on our website. As a result, those who will be able to participate in the 2022 Khulna University admission test, can easily do the results through this website.

Following are some guidelines for admission to Khulna University

Detailed information and direction of preparation of all the units of Khulna University:

★ The second time is there.

★ No mark on GPA.

★ 25% will be deducted for every wrong number.

★ Test time is 1 hour.

★ There is no pass mark condition but 40% is the minimum.

★ The question will be in English. However, the Bengali part will be in Bengali. The question of the science unit resides in English as well as in Bengal.

** A Unit – Faculty of Science (Only for Science):

For the 1.4-point subject matter- A total- of 9.50 will be required.

Admission Test: Number 100
Time: 1 hour

1. Physics Science-20,
2. Chemistry – 20,
1. English-20 and
3. Mathematics – 25.
5. Analytical ability – 20
1. Biology-20

This should be 6 to 5 will be given. Total Marks 5 * 20 = 100

If biology does not answer analytical ability, then biology
The school will not get any subject.

Answering All except Analytical Ability, School of Biology, Engineering and Technology, and Biology School
Subjects from two schools will be available.


(A) School of Biology, Engineering, and Technology
1. Architecture – 50.
Computer Science and Engineering – 40
3. Electronics and Communication Engineering- 40
4. Town and Rural Planning – 40
3. Math – 50.
1. Material – 45
1. Chemistry – 45.

(B) School of Biology:

3. Statistics -40.
9. Agrotechnology – 45
10. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering – 40
11. Environmental Science – 60
12. Fisheries and Marine Resources Technology – 45.
1. Forestry – 45.
6. Soil Water and Environment – 45.

Total seats: 630.

* B-Faculty of Arts (For All Groups)

(Humanitarian: 4th co-HSC 4.0,9.), (in business: 4th co-HSC 4.0,9.0), (Science: 4th co-HSC 4.5,9.0).

1. Engage – 57
2. Bangla Language and Literature – 57
3. Honest and Justice – 40
4. Droid and painting – 20
5. Print Making – 20.
5. Scenery – 20.
Total seats: 214

Admission Test: Number 100
Time: 1 hour

1. Bangla-30,
2. English-30,
3. General Knowledge -40

* C Unit-Faculty of Social Sciences and for All Groups

GPA Requirements:
(Humanitarian: 4th co-HSC 4.0,9.0), (in business: 4th co-HSC 4.00,9.00), (Science: 4th co-HSC 4.50,9.00).


1. Business Administration – 55.
2. HRM – 40
3. Finance Policy – 45.
4. Social science – 50.
5. Development Studies – 45.
6. Communication and journalism – 40.

Total seats: 275

Admission Test: Number 85/100
Time: 1 hour.

1. Bangla-15,
2. English-40,
3. Analytical Ability-15.
4. General Knowledge-15
1. Math-15

Social science schools will answer only the general knowledge, BBA if you answer Math, and 2 Tie answers if you answer 2 Tie.

How do I follow some books for reading and how to read B, C Unit:

First of all, the questionnaire should be made.

English: 1. Barron’s Toefl
2. Clif’s Toefl
3.Compact B / D, Compact C / D
4. Adroit/passage Solve anyone.
5. PC Das only for (Phrases and Idioms, Appropriate prepositions, Group Verbs)
6. Model test (joikoli)
7. Question Bank (Joikoli)
8. BCS Questions All (excluding literary)

Some questions in English are questioned. Avoid them. Do not question questions. There is a lot of wrongness in our javelin, compact and fine. By coaching sir, friend, big brothers, solve those questions.

If you want to get a chance at the university, I will not read any of the biggest things. I will read from Barron’s Toefl, Clif’s Toefl. One-third of Barron’s and Clif’s Toefl reads. The rest of the time is done in ignoring. Barron’s Aur Clif’s Toefl will read the key for the day. Only ask questions from other companies at the camp. Adroit, Passage Solve, PC Das will read everything I said. If you want to read more then you can read English for a competitive exam or Apex.

2. Bangla: 1. Board Books Bangla I and II (read questions from classmates in one or two places)
2. Refrain from asking for Soumitra Shekhar sir (supporter, reverse word, expressive in one word, jaundice, etc.)
1. Model test
4.Sourobar / Parabar
5. Solve past questions from prashnabank
6. BCS Questions All (Grammar)

Not all topics and all topics are to be read from the above-mentioned books. If you have to read the bullets from the topic and the topic from which the topic is raised.

3. Good knowledge: 1. Mp3 Bangladesh
2. Mp3 International
৩. Jobayer’s jike
4. Zobayer’s Capsule (for the recent)
5. Model Test (Jobeer’s Model Test Boss)
1. Shortcut Book Two / One (Can’t See Mandatari)
1. BCS Questions All (excluding the most recent 3-time questions)

This book is about to fall. If you have to understand the issues, then you will be able to understand the issues, and hopefully, others will be able to do the same.

Math, Analytical Ability:
7. Saveur’s
2. You can see the BBA’s Math (Question Bank) from Jahangir University.
3. Follow any book for analytical ability.

Q: The analytical ability of the counselor Khubir QB has not solved any question except Math.

If there is any problem, no question, if you have any idea, do not hesitate to inbox. Will try to answer, if not know, try to know.