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Maa (মা) Movie Free Download Pori Moni Movie

Bangladesh’s Most Popular Actores Pori Moni movie “Maa”. Pori Moni Bangla Movie ‘Ma’ is the emotional story of a helpless mother with a dead seven-month-old child in Bangladesh in 1971. Director Aranya Anwar. Bangladeshi actress Parimani plays the role of the unfortunate mother in the film. The movie tells the emotional story of a mother with a seven-month-old baby during the Liberation War. The film, which is the producer’s first in a career spanning three decades, stars Parimony in the lead role. The production work started in January last year and was completed before Parimoni temporarily retired due to motherhood.

Pori Moni Maa Movie 2024

Along with Parimoni, Azad Abul Kalam, Farzana Pictures, Saju Khadem, Rebena Karim Jui, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Setu, Labanya, and Shahadat Hossain also acted in various roles.

Pori Moni expressed her joy at being a part of the movie, recalling how she played the role of a mother with her son in her stomach when she shot the film. She further added that it was a memorable journey for her and that she was excited about the movie’s release.

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‘Maa’ is a beautiful movie. This is the story of 1971. Story of history. The story of the liberation war. A story of heroism. A story of courage and motivation to move forward. Maa is one of the best movies of this year.
In the end, I want to say that Bengalis never give up. They know how to move around. Bengalis know how to deal with the enemy. Bengalis know well how to protect their motherland.
1971! Victory is expensive! Bengali cinema won!

Maa Watch Online. Those of you who are going to watch the popular Maa basically can’t download it and watch it because it has not yet been published on any video platform like youtube or Facebook for free.

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