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Muktopaath Gov BD Register মুক্তপাঠে রেজিস্ট্রেশন যখন যেখানে ইচ্ছে

Muktopaath is an open e-learning platform built in various Course of Bangladeshi People. Anyone interested in this platform can acquire professional knowledge and skills in various subjects by participating in online courses from anywhere at this time. The platform offers opportunities for general education, technical and vocational education and also lifelong learning. Even the disadvantaged and marginalized people of Bangladesh can get the opportunity of self-employment by taking vocational education from ‘Muktapath’. In the other hand you can use this certificate in Government Project. So all the details about courses is in this article given below.

What can I do Muktopaath course 2024?

There are a lot of people use mutopaath and try to self-employed. The users of ‘Muktapath’ are teachers, students, youth, working people, expatriate workers, expatriate workers or housewives. Also for general, technical and vocational education and overseas workers. Work is underway to create more different courses.

Lessons given by anyone interested in participating in these courses. Completes lessons, participates in live sessions and scheduled exams /. You can get the certificate online by participating in the quiz / assignment. There are free online muktopaath course as well Offline version. In addition to online training, anyone can learn using offline content.

Muktopaath Gov BD Register

If you want to do any course in free text, you have to register first. So, in this video I have shown you how to open or register your account. To Register a Muktopath Account You have to go to the official website of muktopaath. Their official website is

Open Their Official Website and Click on the Registration Option

That will take you to a new page where you’ll have to put in the required information and fill up the registration application. Simply fill up the empty boxes with the required pieces of information.

Once you’re done with that, re-check everything to see whether all the details are correct or not.

After that, you can hit the registration button below to complete the registration process.

Then submit all the information like Full Name, Occupation, Gender, Email or Phone and Password.

muktopaath certificate download

Today I will show you how you can get the certificate of muktopaath courses which is done by you. Therefore certificate verification process is also available here. In order to get a certificate one must complete a course in any topic. After completing a course successfully you can get the certificate.

After completing a course you can get a certificate like this about your topic. So Download the certificate and print this to get in your hand. Finally Thanks for reading our article.

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