National Single Day 2022 History Celebration

The definition of singleton is someone who is neither married nor in a long-term relationship. While historically there has been some stigma attached to being single or even societal pressure to be in a couple, the reality is that not everyone is part of a power couple, whether by choice or circumstance. National Singles Day 2022 is a day that celebrates people who are not in relationships.

National Single Day 2022

Nearly half of the U.S. population is single and in Canada and the United Kingdom, there are more singles than couples. In today’s world being single has just as many advantages as disadvantages. One of the main advantages is that being single can free up time for meaningful pursuits, single people can travel on a whim, work on themselves, and can do whatever they want whenever they want without having to consult with anyone about it first. Of course, there are several disadvantages too, such as loneliness, financial challenges, and societal pressure.

National Singles Day 2022 was celebrated in the United States on Saturday, September 25th. Singles Day is also celebrated in other parts of the world on November 11th and March 11th.

Get Out There and Celebrate

For singletons today, there is good news because single lifestyles are growing in acceptance. Negative stereotypes of lonely spinsters and downtrodden bachelors are being replaced with the idea that being single is just as legitimate as coupling up, moreover, that there is actually nothing inherently wrong with people who are not married. They are active contributors to society, often work harder and contribute to the economy, can spend more time on self-development, and also have more time to spend with family and friends.

So, without further ado, this November 11th, we invite you to join us in celebrating singles! Here’s how the statistically single like to play on this day:

  • Host events for singles
  • Share experiences as independent singles on social media
  • Invite other singles on trips or nights out
  • Count the reasons why being single is right for them, and use these reasons for self-improvement
  • Join social groups for singles
  • Exchange gifts with other singles
  • Buy themselves a gift
  • Go on holiday – solo, or with other single friends

Successful Single People Who Travel

A single person independent of children, parents, or intimate partners, may find themselves in a position of surplus income or savings. Having an independent identity often means single people know how they want to spend their time, what hobbies interest them, what their favorite foods are, etc. They love to charter a daily course of fun and fulfillment for themselves.

Vacations can encompass this healthy independence, providing options and opportunities for single people to create memories for themselves.

Some single people prefer to travel with other single friends. They like to bond, have a sense of belonging, and feel blessed to discover new moments, places, and situations with familiar faces. Others love to travel on their own, soaking everything in.

Many single people come to Mexico on vacation, to fulfill their adventurous spirits. In recent years, Los Cabos has become a hotspot for digital nomads, singles, and independent individuals looking for an affordable location with a welcoming culture.

Whatever the reasons, Los Cabos finds many single people check-in to their hotels, liking the idea of taking ownership of a place and making it their own private paradise.

The History of National Singles Day

In the U.S., National Singles Week began back in the 1980s and was started by The Buckeye Singles Council of Columbus, Ohio to celebrate single life. National Singles Week is observed during the third full week of September each year, and after gaining media attention, it prompted the U.S. Census Bureau to begin publishing statistics on singles in America, which it had never done before.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of single adults in the USA is growing significantly, and The United Nations also reported that the percentage of women in their late forties who have never married is increasing. So is the average age at which people marry for the first time, those who choose never to marry, and the proportion of people in their late forties who are divorced or separated.

In addition to National Singles Week, Singles Awareness Day is also celebrated on February 15th, which is rumored to have been started by a student at Mississippi State University, and has become an anti-Valentine’s Day.

In China, National Singles Day, also known as Bachelors’ Day, originated in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University as an unofficial holiday. The reason for this is that China, with a population of 1.4 billion people, has an imbalance of genders. For every 100 girls, there are 118 boys. This gender disparity was created by China’s one-child policy where boys were valued over girls. The resulting gender imbalance led to a culture of bachelors in China since there are not enough girls for every guy to get married.

Singles Day is celebrated in China every year on November 11th. This date – 11.11 – evokes a bare stick, since the numeral 1 resembles a stick and that is slang for singles in China, since they do not add branches to a family tree. And four ones represent a demographic of single people.

So, you might be wondering how do they celebrate Singles Day? On this day unmarried people celebrate by treating themselves to gifts. In fact, Singles Day in China has become the largest retail sales day where sales far exceed Black Friday and Cyber Monday! This is partly attributed to Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba, China’s biggest online commerce company, who started a Singles Day shopping promotion back in 2009 offering deep discounts.

Singles Day is also celebrated in some European countries including Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. In Great Britain it is celebrated on March 11th.

Celebrate Being Single: For the Sake of Freedom!

It has been said that being single is a time to find yourself, while Los Cabos in Mexico is a place to lose yourself. Let’s take a look at some tips for how to spend National Singles Day at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos.

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The hotel is also a home base and meeting ground for discerning nomads and explorers, who are discovering a new way to vacation, work, and experience the world. You can play, hustle, and live in extreme luxury in an airy suite with ocean views. And if you are in a group, the lofts and penthouses are ideal, sleeping up to 12 people.

Also, you can experience specialized experiences such as an electric beach bicycle tour, yoga classes at the Orange Deck, and cooking classes right at the hotel – Garza Blanca offers a daily program full of fun and free resort activities. Or why not spend the afternoon rejuvenating in their world-class Spa Imagine?

Downtown, picture yourself enjoying some tacos, topped with spicy salsas, at a local stand in the town of Los Cabos. You can go on a shopping spree to treat yourself, and a few margaritas or beers later at the local trendy bars, you’re joined by some friendly fellow vacationers, from various different countries.

Or imagine meeting cool new people while discussing the work of local artists at the weekly Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo, and sipping a glass of wine.

Relationship statuses are transforming to meet the needs of a changing world. It is clear many people are now choosing single status, over the standardization of the social pressures of having to be in a relationship. Hotels are adapting also, to meet the needs and wants of single travelers.

What hasn’t changed is Mexico’s welcome. Long been labeled the land where dreams come true, vacationing in Los Cabos on your own is safe, fun, and relaxing.

So, enjoy every second of your single status and celebrate being single in Los Cabos! Without knowing, you’ll be inspiring others to do just the same.