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NU Admission Result 2024 1st Merit List

National University Honors Admission Results 2024. Honors 1st Merit List Result 2024 Publish 18th March 2024: If you want to know about the results of the 1st Merit List based on the subject of admission in honours  1st Year (Honors) National University 2024 academic year, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find out the results of the 1st merit list of Honors Admission and what to do next. Moreover, the update of the results will be announced immediately.

It is to be noted that, if the student who is admitted in the 2nd merit list is admitted in any educational program of the academic year 2024, he must cancel the admission of the previous academic year by 2024 and collect the final admission form. The online class of Honors 1st year (Honors) class of 2024 academic year will start from

 NU Admission Result 2024

The results of the 1st merit list of Honours Admission for the academic year will be released on 18th March 2024 at 4:00 PM. On the same day, the results will be available via SMS from 4 pm and from the website after 9 pm. See the results of the 1st merit list below and the final admission procedure below.

National University Honors Admission Results are generally viewed in two ways. Namely: Online and via SMS. To know the result of the online merit list, go to the link below and log in by typing the roll number and pin number. If you are selected for admission or you are placed in the 2nd merit list, you can see your results.

Rules for viewing results: Enter the roll number and pin number after clicking on the link. The roll number is the roll number that is written in the form at the time of initial application. And the PIN number is that after applying online, you will get it the message that comes on the mobile immediately. Note that roll and pin numbers are given through message.

 The server went down because everyone tried together on the day the results were published. As a result, it may take time to enter the link.

  1. Visit website.
  2. Enter the Honours tab.
  3. Enter the “Applicants login” option.
  4. Login with the admission roll and PIN.

Rules for retrieving admission rolls and pins

There is no reason to worry if the admission roll or PIN is lost or forgotten after applying. You can easily recover the filled roll and pin. For that, you have to enter by clicking on this link. After selecting the applicant’s HSC roll, board and pass year, date of birth, and honors and clicking on the Search button, your new admission roll or PIN number will come up.

How to Check Results via SMS

To get quick results via SMS, go to the message option on your mobile, type in capital letters NU space ATHN space Roll, No and send it to 16222. Here NU means National University and ATHN – Admission Test Honors and Roll no is the roll number obtained at the time of initial application.

NU Admission Result

What to do after passing 1st merit

Those who pass the 2nd merit list of Honors Admission in a National University must first fill out the final admission form online. You can also fill up the final admission form through your mobile. Then the admission form T (of course the form will be in PDF file format) has to be printed out from the computer room. However, there will be two forms: a college copy and a student copy. Then pay the admission fee by paying the amount prescribed by the college 2024, the paperwork must be submitted to the college. (You can find out from the concerned college through which medium you will pay the admission fee) Thus your honors admission will be completed successfully.

See below for the documents required for admission along with the rules for filling the final admission form. Another thing to note is that whether you get the subject of your choice in the 1st merit list or not, you have to fill up the admission form and fill up the paperwork along with the admission fee. Because you will not be able to migrate without final admission.

What to do if you do not find the subject of choice

Many people get a chance on the merit list but do not get the desired subject. Many people are disappointed for this. In fact, there is nothing to be disappointed about. If you get a chance in any subject up to 2-9 in the subject choice list then you can get a chance in the subject of choice by migrating. What is migration? Migration is the process of applying for a chance at a subject from the current situation on the subject choice list. How to migrate now? See the answer in the “Honors Final Admission Rules” paragraph.

What to do if you don’t get a chance on 1st merit list

There is nothing to be disappointed if someone does not get a chance in the 2nd merit list. Because the National University has given the opportunity of 2nd merit list and release slip subject to vacancy. So if you don’t get a chance in 1st Merit then wait for 2nd Merit Result. You do not have to do anything for this.

What to do if you want to change college

If you do not like the college or want to change the college after passing the 1st merit list of honors admission in the national university, then you have to wait for the release slip without taking the final admission form, that is, you cannot be admitted. However, there is an advantage and a disadvantage to this. The advantage is that you can apply to any 5 colleges in a new way and the disadvantage is that the seat of a good college may not be vacant. My personal opinion, however, is that if you want to change colleges to be admitted to a government college, it would be better to wait for the release slip.

How to previous admission cancellation

If a student applies for honors in the 2024 academic year, that is, the last time he was admitted to the honors and also passed the 1st merit list, the student must cancel the previous admission and get a new admission form by 2024.

Honors Final Admission Result

You know already national university given notice this year honours 1st year admission result will be given 18th march 2024. Same time we given your admission result by this age. If you want to check your result can be here. For the final admission of Honors 1st year of the 2024 academic year, the candidate has to log in by entering the real number and PIN of the candidate in the following link (in the information table displayed on the website). Then you will see a page called Admission Information which is the college you have selected. And at the same time there will be an option called Application Form, you have to click on it for final admission.

Then, there will be a page with your name, father, and what you got a chance to do. There you will write Bangladeshi in the box of Nationality. Then, select your religion. Next, name a Guardian. Then, give the Guardian’s phone number and his annual income.

Then there will be a text below that, Do you want to change your assignment subject based on your preference list? In other words, if you do not get the 1st choice, that is, you want to migrate, then click Yes or click No. If one does not want to get the subject of the above list, even if he does not migrate. Then at the bottom (left side) give your self and (right side) the current address. Then if everything is correct, click on Save Information.

Then the page that will come, click on the Download option there, and download and print the final admission form. One will have a college copy and the other will have a student copy. Then submit the following required documents to the college by submitting the admission fee through the payment prescribed by the concerned college. Once the college authorities confirm you online, your admission process will be over.

Documents required to be admitted

Original Final Admission Form Filled Online – 2 copies (one college copy and the other student copy)

Passport size 4 pictures and name should be written on the back (may be more or less in college).

Original number sheet or marksheet of SSC or equivalent examination – 2 photocopies with the original copy

Original number sheet or marksheet of HSC or equivalent examination – 2 photocopies with the original copy

Attested photocopy of SSC or equivalent examination registration card – 2 copies.

Attested photocopy of HSC or equivalent examination registration card – 2 copies.

Lesson break or education break certificate. (For those who are passing HSC in 2019)

Honors final admission fee

The registration fee and session fee of the college including the registration fee fixed by the university will be approximately 3 to 5 thousand rupees in a government college and 10 to 15 thousand rupees or more in a private college. These fees have to be paid through the medium prescribed by the college. The fee can be delayed and must be submitted by 2024.

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