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SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. With its operating system, storage, and built-in security mechanisms, a SIM card based on a microprocessor is analogous to a minicomputer. In addition to delivering and receiving data, the SIM card can add, erase, and change data in its memory. Users can easily replace a SIM card by sliding it into a slot on their phone or mobile devices.

Registration and Identifications of all smartphone users buying a SIM card are mandatory. Many people prefer pre-paid SIM cards for their phones. Pre-paid mobile subscriptions account for 73% of all subscriptions worldwide.

Have you ever wondered how many SIM cards are registered under your ID? And the procedure of SIM registration checks online is not that well-known to everyone. Whether you’re still curious about how to find out how many sims are registered under my name and how many more sims are listed on my id.

The government of Bangladesh has executed biometric SIM card registration to keep the users prevented against fraud including unknown or fake SIM Cards. As per the government of Bangladesh, a person might have a maximum of 15 SIM card numbers with the Mobile operator. Therefore, everyone has to know the steps of SIM registration check online.

Your National ID is the most important detail which must be required to register the SIM Card. A national ID card, fingerprint, and passport-sized photo are necessary when it comes to SIM Registration. You can check the SIM Registration status from your home even.

Before September 2017, a person in Bangladesh could buy many SIMs without any proper documentation. Now, the government implemented rules for the Mobile operators to perform the registration for SIM cards. This rule has been made by keeping the risk of rising terrorism in Bangladesh.

How to do SIM Registration Check Online

Here are the following steps to do a SIM registration check online: –

  • Dial *400# on all networks to start the verification process
  • You even can send the blank text message to 400
  • You will see the details of identity on the screen that is used to Register the SIM
  • Well, if you find that the details shown on the screen are not correct then, you will need to follow a few steps.
  • Either, you can visit the nearest office of the service provider

Or, you can call the contact number of head office and the customer service personnel will help you on the call regarding the same. Be ready with the necessary documents before initiating the call. From your message application, you can type “Info” and send it to 4949 from the GP SIM to know about SIM Registration Check Online, and then, you will see the details on the screen shortly.

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