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Bangladesh Train E-Ticketing Registration

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Registration starts You can easily Reg buy train tickets.  To buy a ticket, you have to be registered by your ID Card and Mobile member. You can be a registered member for FREE. Any time you can log in and purchase the ticket from Bangladesh Railway. Now given below are all possess for E-Ticketing Registration Process. If you want to buy a train ticket can be here. Only for online registration people can buy tickets online. Now start Online E-ticketing Registration.  Bangladesh All District Train tickets can be bought online. Only registered customers are eligible to buy Online Train Ticket 2024. To buy Online Registration You Need your Full Name. E-mail; Mobile Number. Confirm Mobile; Enter Password. Confirm Password; Identification Type · Identification Number; Post Code.

Bangladesh Train E-Ticketing Registration 2024

Now enjoy the Bangladesh railway e-Ticketing service to purchase tickets.  Visa, MasterCard, Nexus Card, Brac Bank account, and Mobile Banking Rocket are accepted as payment gateways to purchase online railway e-Ticket. Moreover, you can see the full procedure of the Bangladesh Railway online ticketing system registration procedure. We have given the Online E-Ticketing service registration official all information. So you can easily be Reg your Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing application. Online E-ticketing Start. Completed your registration process. and buy your family member ticket online.

How to Train E-Ticketing Registration

Online E-ticket Click on the e-ticketing method, details of the registration process, and ticket purchase process will be seen, and Click on the second option e-ticket (website) Bangladesh Railway and CNS Ltd. A new website with text and logo will open.

Bangladesh Railway Train e Ticket Online Registration

 For Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Registration Given Below Official Website Interface.

Registration process: (to be done only once) First, you need to enter the website has tied up with Bangladesh Railway to assist you with your train ticket bookings and make sure they happen seamlessly. After booking a holiday at a destination, it makes it all the easier to close your train bookings as well on the same platform. By this step, you can reg for buying a Train Ticket. Now is the best online train ticket process.

Click on the “Registration” button at the bottom of the website.
A new page called “Create an Account” will appear. Here the relevant fields of “Personal Information” would be filled with the necessary information: Security code will be filled in the “Security Code” displayed next to the cell and click on the Register button.
If all the information is correct, a new page called “Registration Successful” will appear.

The e-ticketing system will immediately send an e-mail from Bangladesh Railway to the e-mail address you provided.

You need to open the e-mail provided by Bangladesh Railway in the message box of your e-mail. Click on the “Click” link inside the message. After this process, the passenger registration process will be completed.

Procurement process:

First, you need to enter the website

The “Log in” panel fills in the e-mail address, password, and security code: Click on the “Log in” button.

Then you have to click on the “Purchase ticket” button on the next page.

Now buy a Train Ticket.

Bangladesh Railway Online E-Ticketing Registration 2024 Process

The page that will come here will have to fill in the required travel date, starting station, destination station, train name, class, and a ticket number. On the next page, the ticket requested by “Registration Seat Available” and its price will be given. If you have a ticket, you have to click the “Purchase ticket” button.

The ticket price will be deducted from the passenger’s deposit through a credit card, cash card, or BRAC bank account and the ticket is confirmed by sending the e-ticket to the passenger’s e-mail.

Print the ticket sent from the e-mail message box along with the photo ID and provide the e-ticket given “Ticket Print Information” and collect the printed ticket from the respective source station before departure. Thank you to visit our website.

1 Visit and click Sign-up

2 Fill up the mandatory fields and click “REGISTER”

3. Is there any time frame to buy a ticket?
Ans. Yes, you can buy tickets from 8 am to 10 pm.
4. If I miss the mobile validation code for registering a new account, what should I do?
Ans. Please mail your problem to.
5. How many tickets/seats can I book in one transaction or per day?
Ans. Maximum Four seats per day.

Thank you to visit our web portal. If You feel any information is incorrect please inform our comment box as soon as we will try to update the correct information. Bangladesh Railway’s online train ticket is all updated, How to buy a train ticket, How to book an online train ticket, all information we were given on this page.

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