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Online Train Ticket Booking Bangladesh Railway will again sell tickets online from 8 am on Saturday (March 26) at the country’s 77th station. However, the ticket can be purchased through a specific website, not an app. In this case, you have to go to the website and complete the registration first. After completing a few steps, passengers will be able to buy tickets. The directive was issued in an office order signed by Railway Director Traffic (Commercial) Nahid Hasan Khan on (1st July ). However, apart from the website, tickets will be available at the counters of all the stations in the country.

Online Train Ticket Booking

Tickets can also be reserved online through the official online ticketing partner of Bangladesh Railways. Online train ticket reservations can be done through the Next Generation e-Ticketing System official website Of Bangladesh Railway. The ticket issued is called an e-Ticket or Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS). You must register with saving to enjoy the reservation services which are available all through the day except time.

How to Online Train Ticket Booking Train E-ticket Registration

In order to travel by train in the new process, one has to first access the website (access will be available from 8 am on March 26). At the bottom of the website, there will be a ‘Registration’ option, clicking on it will bring up a new page called ‘Create an Account.

There, ‘Personal Information’ should be filled in the relevant blank with the required information. Then fill in the ‘Security Code’ displayed next to the ‘Security code’ option and click on the ‘Register’ option.

If all the information is correct, a new page called ‘Registration Successful’ will appear. An e-mail from Bangladesh Railway will be sent to your e-mail immediately from the e-ticketing system. When you open the mail there will be a ‘Click’ option, clicking on the link will complete the registration process.

How to buy Train E-Tickets Online

Passengers will be able to purchase tickets only after entering the website at the specified time after successfully completing the registration process. To buy a ticket, first access the website

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Online Train Ticket Booking

Bangladesh Railway Train eTicket Online Registration Process

Once there, the ‘Login’ panel will appear. Fill in the e-mail (the e-mail to be registered), password and security code in the panel and click on the ‘Login’ option. Then comes the ‘Purchase ticket’ option.

From that page, you have to fill in the blanks by stating which station you are going to, which station you are going to, train name, date of travel, class (decent, AC chair, and cabin), and a ticket number.

After that, if the ticket or seat of that train is vacant then ‘Registration Seat Available’ will be informed. At the same time, the ticket price will be informed. Passengers now have to click on the ‘Purchase ticket’ option.

You have to pay for the ticket through a credit card, cash card, or BRAC bank account. Once the money is paid, the ticket will be sent to the passenger’s e-mail (given at registration) shortly.

  • At first visit this link 
  • After clicking on Register.
  • Now input your personal information Name, date of birth, NID Number or Birth Certificate number,  Email contact number, and last step your address,
  •  Enter all the information correctly then Enter Sing UP Button.
  • After a while, you get a verification code on your mobile number.
  • Enter this security code on the e-ticket website and click on Registration.

You have to print the ticket sent by e-mail and go to the concerned station with a photo and ID card and collect the printed ticket half an hour before the departure.

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