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HSTU Admission Result 2019-20

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University HSTU Admission Circular 2019-2020 has been published. Dinajpur Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University admission test will be held from 2 December to 4 December 2019 for honors first year for the academic year. Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology  Admission Test Circular 2019-20 publish now. Students can be apply by this post. Who want to apply you must have apply before 24th October 2019. Now we given bellow all updated inromation of Hajee Mohammad Dasesh Science and Technology HSTU admission Test Result 2019 by this page.

HSTU Result will publish on Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University admission website Now we discuss how to check HSTU Admission Result 2018-19

HSTU Admission Result 2019

Apply Start 25-09-2019
Online Apply End 24-10-2019
Admission Test will be held on 02-04 December 2019

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The total number of units has been reduced from 7 to 4 this time. A, B, C and D units. In between, A, B science units and C, D units are division units. The C unit is primarily traded, while the D unit is primarily human.

Unit-Based Seat
A Unit– 585
Agriculture 375
Fisheries 110
DVM 100

B Unit– 775
CSE 70
EEE 70
ECE 70
Mechanical Engineering 50
Civil Engineering 50
Agricultural Engineering 60
Food & Process Engineering 60
Architecture 35
Physics 75
Chemistry 75
Mathematics 80
Statistics 80

C Unit– 280
Accounting 70
Management 70
Finance 70
Marketing 70
Note: Science and Science in the C unit
Humanities Department students too
In this case, 60% seats are for traders, the other 40% for humanities and science students)
D Unit- 365
English 105
Economics 105
Sociology 105
Development studies 50

Unit-based Mark Distribution –
A Unit – Total 150 marks
Physics = 25 marks
Chemistry = 25 marks
Biology = 25 marks
English = 25 marks
Result Score = 50 marks

B Unit- Total 150 marks
Physics = 25 marks
Chemistry = 25 marks
Math = 25 marks
English = 25 marks
Result Score = 50 marks

C Unit- Total 150 marks
Accounting = 25 marks
Management = 25 marks
English = 25 marks
General Knowledge = 25 marks
For Scinece & Humanities Group:
Bangla : 40 marks
English = 40 marks
General Knowledge = 20 marks

D Unit- Total 150 marks
Bangla = 25 marks
English = 50 marks
General Knowledge = 25 marks
Result mark =50

Minimum qualification based on the unit

For all units, SSC & HSC is a combination of 7.0 points (SSC & HSC must have a minimum of 3.5 separately)

No subject-specific grade / point required (only A units should have a minimum C grade in the fourth subject).

Unit Based GPA Marks:
Total Marks GPA  50। SSC by 4 and ও HSC by 6 multiple

The unit that can take the test:
🔹Science Students: There are A, B units for the science department. However, examinations can also be given in C, D units by changing departments from science.

🔹Arts Students: There is a D unit for the humanities department. However, the examination can be done in C unit by changing the department.

🔹Commerce Students:
There is a C for the Department of Commerce
Unit. However, the test can be given in the D unit by changing the department.

The more information regarding Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University Admission Test 2019-20 can be found at HSTU website

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