Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Price, Release Date, Specifications 5G

Elon Musk’s company Tesla will bring its first smartphone to the market. Tesla Pi 2024 Official Price, Full Specs & Release Date now online. Elon Musk means something different. So there is a lot of speculation about the Tesla model Pi phone. It is known that the Tesla Pi phone has a Neuralink facility. Neural link is a technology that can be used to connect the human brain. Tesla will operate this smartphone through thought. That means the phone will work according to your thoughts, you don’t even have to touch it.

Tesla Pi Phone 2024

A five-G technology satellite phone will be one of the surprises. In other words, the Internet can be used through satellites in space. They have already built many cars and rockets. We believe that the “ Tesla Pi 5G 2024” will be a next-generation smartphone Musk’s ongoing project Starlink continues to build that platform. Now instead of that platform, it can be added as a useful device to use smartphones pie.

The biggest advantage of a satellite phone is that there is no difference in space for its network. It will be active even in the most remote places of the world. Tesla Pi Phone price in Bangladesh is expected to be BDT. about 1,00,000.  and USD 1000$+. Is the Tesla Pi Phone fast Charging? Yes, the Tesla Pi phone is fast charging.

Tesla Pi Smartphone Full Specification

This phone can have a fork-level 6.5-inch screen. In terms of performance, the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 696 processor. This processor will be paired with a 2 TB storage capacitor

It is known that the back of the phone will have a 106-megapixel camera with 4 lenses. This phone can take pictures of the starry night sky without any kind of long exposure. Due to the photochromic coating on the back of the phone, the color will change under the influence of sunlight. Charging can also be given to Pie phones by taking advantage of Tesla solar panels.

We are creating the future of brain interfaces building devices now that will help people with paralysis and inventing new technologies that will expand our abilities, our community, and our world, it added.

Satellite Internet
SpaceX’s space-based Internet service, Starlink, will be used on Tesla phones. There are even rumors of Tesla using phones to set up bases on Mars. But to make this a reality, we need to find a way to fit bulky antennas into smaller devices, such as satellite phones.

Solar charging

Tesla also manufactures solar panels for vehicles, so there is a possibility of solar charging in Tesla phones. The phone will only be charged by solar energy but not. Instead, there will be a special phone case that can be used using the solar charging feature.

Vehicle control
Already using the Tesla app you can control basic car functions like car lock / unlock, control media playback or call the car, etc. This app must be pre-installed on the Tesla phone.

Today’s smartphones already have AI and powerful cameras that help to brighten up the night sky. Keeping in mind the extra-terrestrial focus of the Space X, this technology could make an unprecedented improvement in Tesla phones. Tesla phones will have features like taking pictures of astronomical objects.

Neuralink support
While the idea of ​​a computer automatically communicating with another computer through the brain still seems sci-fi, Neurallink is already working on this technology. Neural link is working on the first neural implant that can be used to control any computer or mobile device just by thinking through the brain. Maybe this phone made by Elon Musk will have the technology of his company Neuralink built-in.

Crypto mining
Rumor has it that cryptocurrency mining can be done using Tesla phones. Elon Musk always talks about cryptocurrency. It is not surprising to have this feature on his phone. It is rumored that Tesla phones will mine a new type of cryptocurrency called Marscoin.

Tesla Pi Phone Release Date

In 2024, the organization will deliver a new smartphone. The new Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2024 will be provided Soon 2024 in the United States. Some people 1st time can take this smartphone. Tesla Mobile Company is announcing its first mobile phone. Tesla brand company will release its first mobile phone Tesla Pi phone in the market at the beginning of 2024. Many people are already interested to know the release date of the Tesla Pi phone. Now we have given the latest date of the Tesla Pi phone Updated below.

Tesla Pi Phone Price Price – $ 999

Elon Musk is the legitimate proprietor of these turns of events. Even though putting these capacities on a smartphone will be pretty testing. Subsequently, the probability of a Tesla model pie being distributed in this structure is remote. Now Given Below is Some Important Info on the Tesla Pi Phone. The Tesla Pi will be priced at Rs 74,093 for the Indian people. It will be released on the last date of 2024, wait for the release of this Tesla 5G smartphone 2024 in your country.

Brand Tesla
Model Pi 5G 2024
Battery Capacity 4700 mAh
RAM 6/12 GB
ROM 128/256/512GB
  Pi 5G Price 2024 $800 – $1200 US Dollar

Country Wish Telsa Phone Price Given Below.

Country Price (Expected)
Tesla Pi  Price in the USA 800 – &1200 Dollars
Tesla Pi Price in India 348900 PKR
Tesla Pi 5G Price in Nigeria 829000 NGN.
Tesla Pi  Price in Mexico 40590 MXN
Tesla Pi Price in Russia 152000 RUB
Tesla Pi Price in UAE 7310 AED
Tesla Pi 5G Price in Euro Country 1745 EUR

Although no official announcement has been made, it is known that the price of the phone is $999 to 1200 dollars. When will realize this phone can be all updated information by this page. Hope We can give you a piece of great news about the Tesla Pi smartphone.